Back to School Term 2:

Reminder that school resumes on Monday 29th April, full winter uniform is to be worn. 

School photos are on Thursday 2nd May, full winter uniform is to be worn.

Grade 3/4 Easter Liturgy:

Last week, our students returned to school celebrating the joyful season of Easter .

Our Grade 3/4 students lead us beautifully in a Easter liturgy.
"On Sunday morning, I got my friend Mary, and we decided to take a look for ourselves and see what was going on at the tomb. Maybe, we would meet some of our friends who loved Jesus as we did.

When we got to the tomb we heard some very scary news. There had been a violent earthquake and there right on the tomb sat an angel. Oh my goodness, I cannot even describe his appearance. It was as bright as the sun on a sunny day. Even his clothes shone in the sun they were so white. 

The guards seemed really frightened. No wonder. I didn’t blame them. The angel told us to not be afraid, and that Jesus was not longer there, he was risen. But that can’t be! His body was placed here in this tomb. I saw them do it. 

Mary and I were so frightened that we ran as fast as we could to find the disciples. Maybe they would know something.

We ran for some time, then saw a man standing in the road blocking our path. Who was he, and what did he want? He said, "Peace be with you," At that moment we knew in our hearts this was Jesus. He was different; yet, his presence filled our hearts the moment he said those words of greeting to us.

Our hearts were filled with joy. Jesus then told us to go and tell the disciples that he had risen, and that they were to go to Galilee where they would see him.

He is risen! Everyone should hear this message that Jesus has risen. We will tell everyone we know. This is a secret that must not be kept quiet. Jesus is risen"

Football Holiday Clinic

Student Award Recipients:

From the Principal:

Dear Parents and Carers,

If you had happened to be in our school today (and yesterday)  you would have seen a team of exciting parents working together planning, collaborating, problem-solving, imagining, creating and, most importantly, enjoying each other's company and friendship.  These parents are excited about what they can do for all of the children in our wonderful school.  These parents work hard with us and alongside the school staff to provide canteen services, community-building events for all our families, and like today, fun fundraising activities for the children to be involved in.  A community that plays together stays together.  

Have a wonderful holiday break and I will see you all back at the start of Term 3!


Principal Movements Term 2

Mr Paul Mannion is returning to our school as Acting Principal for Term 2 while Mary is on leave for the term.  Paul is looking forward to seeing everyone again and is excited to be stepping up into the principal role.  Please make him feel welcome when you see him.

Kindergarten 2025 

Kindergarten numbers are high for next year - if you have a child or know of a child born in 2020 who will be enrolling in our school next year can you please get an enrolment form filled out and back into the office.  We have only a handful of places left to fill and do not want anyone to miss out.

ANZAC DAY 25th April:

We would really like to see a great turnout for this event. A booklet was sent home with details.


The school will be marching on this day.  Please book this into your calendar's. More on this event will becoming out next week.

Colour Fun Run:

Don't forget it's OLOM Colour Fun Run on Thursday 11th April., 11:30am. Please wear old shoes and bring a change of clothes. Parents/Carers are most welcome to attend this fun event.

Parents & Friends will be supplying each child with a white t-shirt to wear on the day.

Free BBQ lunch for all students, staff and parents. 

Some parent help on the day would be grately appreciated.

Local Events:

Upcoming Dates:

Week 10:

Wednesday 10th April: Kinder Liturgy 11:30am

Thursday 11th April: Colour Fun Run 11:30am start.

Thursday 11th April: Last Day of Term 1

Thursday 25th April: ANZAC DAY

Term 2:

Monday 29th April: First Day Term 2

Thursday 2nd May: School Photo's (full winter uniform)

Sacrament Program:

2024 Sacrament Preparation

The Meander Valley Catholic Parish welcomes families who wish to present their children for reception of the Sacraments this year.

Sacrament is a special sign of God’s presence. Sacraments are God’s gift to the church, and it is through them that we become members of God’s family. The preparation and celebration of the Sacraments for school-aged children are family centred, parish based, and school supported.

An information evening will be held for parents of children aged 8 years and above to learn more about the sacraments in general and will be of interest to those who may be considering presenting their children for Penance (Reconciliation), Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.

Also, parents of unbaptised children are also most welcome to attend this meeting if they are considering baptism for them.

This meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th April, at Our Lady of Mercy School, commencing at 5:00 pm 

Preparation for the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation) is due to commence on Tuesday, 30th April. Further information on the dates and the process involved in Sacrament preparation will be shared at the information evening. 

Please contact Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School on 6362 2323 or Fr Ben on 0448 527 140, to register your interest or for further information.

Easter Holiday Dates:

Curious Kids Dates:

Easter Mass Times:

Happy Easter:

Colour Fun Run:

Friendly reminder that the Colour Fun Run is on the last day of Term 1. Please register your child/ren to help fundraise for this wonderful event. We have just hit $2500 which is half way to our goal of $5000, this is incredible result so far!

Children's University:

Grade 1/2 On Country Excursion:

On March 8th, students from Grade 1/2 went to an "On Country" excursion to Tulumpanga/Alum Cliffs. The students had a wonderful day exploring and learning about our local indigenous culture from Uncle Hank. 

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Upcoming Dates:

Monday 25-27th March: Grade 5/6 Camp

Thursday 28th March: Easter Raffle Drawn

Friday 29th March: Good Friday (no school)

Wednesday 3rd April: School starts back

Easter Raffle:

Don't forget to purchase your Easter Raffle tickets. 50c each, available from the office. The raffle will be drawn on Thursday 28th March (last day before the Easter break).