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Special Features & Programs

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School is one of seven Catholic schools in Tasmania who are part of the Curriculum Project, an initiative implemented by the Catholic Education Office. The Curriculum Project is aimed to develop professional learning for teachers. It aims to improve best teaching practice and enhance student learning through active engagement in tasks.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School runs a number of specialist programs. These include the Multi-Lit program which supports children in the area of literacy. We are currently trialling a differentiated program in numeracy involving children from Grades 4-6.

We have a variety of specialist teachers in the areas of L.O.T.E(Japanese), Speech & Drama, Physical Education and Music. We have qualified teacher aides that support students and teachers in all curriculum areas.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School students are provided with a variety of cultural, academic, spiritual and recreational activities during the school year. Some of these include; Deloraine Youth Drama Festival, annual school bush dance, University of New South Wales testing, Northern Midlands State Schools Sporting Association, ANZAC Day parade, student leadership and camping programs. These programs have a focus on values and are held in environmental settings.

All classrooms have computers that are less than two years old and have access to the Internet.

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